Tecno Imballi has been UNI EN ISO 9001 certified since 1995: this certification attests to our company’s commitment to providing our customers with quality products and services, pursuing a goal of continuous improvement.

Fitok ISPM 15

Tecno Imballi has been authorised by ConLegno, a consortium approved by the Italian Ministry of Food and Forestry Policies, to produce, process, market, select and repair IPPC/FAO branded products in Italy since 2006.

FSC® Certification

We guarantee our wood is from responsibly managed forests, thus ensuring environmental, social and financial benefits. NS LICENSE CODE FSC-C-127669 – request certified products

With this certification, the company can attest to using wood from responsibly managed forests for its packaging, with significant environmental, social and financial benefits.

AEO F authorization

In November 2021, Tecno Imballi srl requested and obtained the release of the status of Full Authorized Economic Operator n. IT AEOF 21 1854

This certificate is issued by the Customs Agency following a control and verification process at the end of which the subject is trustworthy to the customs authorities, guaranteeing rigorous compliance with customs regulations and product safety.

This certification arises from the need to guarantee the safety of the chain of imported and exported goods as well as those in transit.

Affiliation with the French union SEILA: S.E.I compliant packaging

Tecno Imballi is one of the few companies in Italy to be associated with SEILA, allowing us to provide SEI compliant packaging and the relevant marking.
We are certified for the use of heat treated material. Our own wood heat treatment furnace enables us to offer a more complete and efficient service.

Certificazioni - Certifications

The Company, in addition to being authorised to market treated material, also has a kiln for heat-treating wood to ensure a more complete and efficient service.

What is the HT ISPM-15 standard?

Wood packaging treatment before shipment is IPPC’s part of plant protection and is the basis for the ISPM-15 International Standard, which stipulates that raw wood packaging should be treated (heat treatment – HT or fumigation treatment with methyl bromide – MB) and subsequently certified with the IPPC/FAO brand. This brand must be checked through a company certification system in the wood packaging and treatment sector.