Services | Storage and Logistics

In order to meet the customer’s continuous and changing needs, Tecno Imballi srl has spacious premises on which to store the customer’s material, manage the arrivals and departures of goods with maximum professionalism and experience.
Great indoor and outdoor premises enable us to meet all customer needs.

The facilities have the following premises:

  • Indoor: 12 600 m
  • Outdoor: 25 000 m
  • that are perfectly equipped for handling operations using:

  • forklift trucks with 15 tonne capacity
  • gantry cranes with 30 tonne capacity
  • other goods handling systems
  • The staff are trained to ensure complete management of the flow of goods and of their documents; we attend approval inspections and assist with checks or visits.

    Our vehicles can collect or transport the customer’s goods as far as our warehouses in order to manage goods completely until they are dispatched.